Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Whiner's Reaction or Reaction to Whiners

I hear there is going to be discussion about a time limit and/or moving the target closer or making the target a different size at the Marshall's muster.  Most of this comes from a relative small group of shooters.  The vast majority of shooters are happy with the current rules as am I.

If we get too many of these silly rules and/or continue our unhealthy obsession with records, I am going to start a new organization dedicated to the turn of the century gunfight.

It will have a silhouette target from the knees to shoulder.  In front of the silhouette will be a 9 inch circle representing a heart/lung hit that will have the light and will be timed. 

Matches will be either 3 shot or 5 shot affairs.  In a 5 shot match, shooters will load 5 and shoot until the gun is empty. Fanning is not allowed. Hits on the silhouette will count 2 points, hits on heart/lung will count 10 points.  If a shooter makes a heart/lung hit that is 50 milliseconds faster than his opponent's heart/lung hit, it will be a killing shot and result in a win declared by scorekeeper. (It is a killing shot because if it is 50 mls faster, it would have disabled the opponent before he could shoot.) If there is no killing shot, then the hand judges will compute the score of the wounding shots, including heart/lung hits, to determine the winner.  In the event of a tie both survive and win.

Events will be same as we current do, 3x, 4x, last man standing, magnificent, etc., except most events will evolve into 10x or so since the matches will be much more quickly resolved. Most of the rules will be the same.  

I think the vast majority of our shooters come to be in a gunfight, not a speed contest.  

We need to have our organization consider all of the shooters, not just the elite or those think they are the elite.  We are not nor should we be an entertainment venue.  We are a sport, let's keep it that way.