Saturday, July 29, 2017

Update on Alleluia Regiment

I post as an update on my last post. Colorado State is in the books. I shot below average the first day but that was good enough to be clean after day one.  The majority of my opponents were master gunfighters competitors.  I shot much better the second day which is to be expected using the Alleluia system. Of 22 matches, I had only one poor match which I think was more due to fatigue than anything else. By my definition, I was a 5 flat shooter. (.45 to .55 hitting 80%) I was seeded 5th and finished 5th. But for that one poor match (I was just whipped), I would have been seeded 2nd.

There are others competing using the system that shot well. If they would care to comment they may. The training blog is  If you are just starting shooting read from the first post in May of 2016.

Don't be mislead, the training is based on speed training only, not accuracy.

Today starts the Four Corner Territorial.  I probably will fall flat on my face, but that is what happens in this sport. Will post another update whatever happens. 

Further Update: After the first day of the Four Corners Territorial, five of the top eight shooters have a connection with Shady Mtn, with two other Shady Mtn and Camp shooters in the 35 remaining shooters.  The wheels may fall off today, that is the way this sport is, but it is a pretty good bet that more than 40% (as in Colorado State) of the magnificent shooters will be from Shady Mtn.

Shooting the Alleluia system, I again improved.  Yesterday was the fourth day in a row that my shooting improved, but that is what I expect from the system.  It is progressive.  You  should improve the more you shoot. That is the way we practice and that is the way we should shoot in competition.  Over 7 matches, I shot better than 80% at mid 4 speed. I improved throughout the day finishing with 4 wins in 13 shots.

Today will be a tough day because we (Shady Mtn) will start to draw each other. We know each other so well that if all seven would rate the field of Shady shooters, we would probably rate the field in the exact same order.  Today is a mental toughness day.  How we place between ourselves will be determined on mental toughness, not speed, not accuracy, not luck of the draw, but on who is the toughest gunfighter. Each of us must put our history behind us and just say "I ain't missing, bring me the next shooter!"

"Beware the Alleluia shooter, we don't practice missing! "  "Beware of Shady Mtn and the Camp!"

Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Alleluia Regiment

I write this post as a prep talk for those trying the Alleluia Training and Competition System.  For the last week I have been up in the Coconino National Forest with no timers or targets, so I did bucket work. Shot 190 rounds over five sessions consuming about 30 rounds of wax.

I thought the Rio match on Saturday would be a good indication whether the bucket work helped. Overall, I shot below average right around 60% but that was good enough to win the event.  Good enough because the system is progressive. In 4 of my last 5 matches I hit 100%. The system is designed to be progressive.  The more you shoot the better you shoot.  Your bucket work is progressive.  You may start out at 40-50%, but by the end of the session you should be at 100%, all without trying to improve accuracy. It should all be subconscious.

In each match we walk our hits to the light. First shot is a guess on alignment.  We then go through our physical routine, our mental routine, do our waggle, then wait as a loaded spring for the light. Second shot on the target. Again pre-shot routine. Next shot closer to the light.  Walking the hits to the light.  In each match we should be getting better and better. Just as in our practice, during each 5 shot string we are improving with each shot.

The hard alignment problem is the elevation. For locked elbow shooters that is generally a matter of balance.  It is something you just have to learn as the day goes on.  Just as in our training sessions, your balance should improve at the day goes on. The more you shoot during an event, the better your balance will be.

Saturday, my last three opponents were on average 50 milliseconds  quicker than me. None of them hit a shot while I was in my "I ain't missing, bring me another shooter" mode. Flusters!  They got flustered while I was shooting the Alleluia system of getting progressively more accurate with each shot.

The system works well in a shoot-off environment because you have a set routine of physical and mental processes to go through with each shot.  It is a guard against flusters. Against The Draw I did get flustered because of the history between us. He gave me an X at the 2016 Nationals .398 to .399.  I wanted to beat him on time so bad my first shot was right over the top. But then back to the system of walking the hits to the light, next two hits within 6 inches of light. Then I had a flyer probably a up 2 hits fluster.  Then back to the system for the win.

Some cardinal rules off the system:

Never ever slow down!

Never ever change your draw in an event!
Never ever think about your draw!
Never ever think about hitting!
Never ever think about speed!

Your quickest draw is your most accurate!

" The researchers ... suggest....that skilled performers have engaged in greater quantities of 'deliberate practice,' the kind of effortful exercises that strain the capacity of the trainee. In other words the kind of practice that often is done solitary."    The Sports Gene

For new shooters or those who want to seriously try the system I do have a training blog. I give the site out upon request.  Alleluia Ruah