Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Put Five in the Bucket

"I was lucky in the order, but then I have always been lucky when it comes to killing folks." William Munny, Unforgiven, 1992.

What appears to be chance or luck in our sport, may be mathematical certainty.  At Rio Saturday, the first place winner defeated six shooters on the way to first, five of whom had posted faster times than the 1st place shooter.  A shooter hitting 60% will normally defeat a shooter hitting less than 40% in a 3 out of 5 contest. In a 2 out of 3 contest the magic number is 66%.  Saturday the 1st place shooter was hitting better than 66% and therefore it was a certainty that he was going to win unless he met a faster shooter hitting better than 66% which he never did.

After a gunfight with hired gunslingers in which both men were wounded the following occurred:

Everett Hitch: That was quick.
Virgil Cole: Yeah, everybody could shoot.    Appaloosa (2008)

That is what we are striving for.  So people say of the Arizona Gunslingers, "They all can shoot."

Coming to a Jackpot Shoot near you.  The Arizona Gunslingers Shoot for the Stars 6 inch Target.  You start at 4 feet (equal to 27" target) and shoot until you can consistently put 5 in the bucket, then you move to 5 feet (equal to 24" target).  When you can consistently put five in the bucket at 5 feet you move to 6 feet which is equal to a 21 inch target.  When you put five in the bucket there you are ready for the shoot-offs and no will beat you until you meet someone that can do the same.

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