Thursday, August 13, 2015

Team Competition

Team Competition

MAIN MATCH:       3X, 3 shot (Arizona summertime best of 5), last man standing format. Standard format, team members will shoot against team members if so drawn.

            Entry fee $5 per shooter for first team entry. A shooter may join as many teams as he would like but subsequent team entries are $10 for the second entry, $15 for third and so on. Youth shooters are free. 

  All entry fees from team competition go to Shoot for the Stars.

            Teams are 4 to 7 shooters with the four top placing shooters considered for team scoring.  Team scoring is the sum of the top four placing shooters, low score wins.  The 5th through 7th team members are important because you never know who the top four will be and a team’s 7th shooter may be ahead of an opponent’s 4th shooter thereby moving that opposing shooter down in the placings.

            Placings of shooters going out in the same round are determined by fastest time out.  Ties will be shot off before next round.  Ties in team standings will be determined in favor with the team with the highest placing shooter.

            No requirements as to guns, division, residency or club membership.

ARIZONA SUGGESTED TEAMS: The Champs, The Young Guns,   The Shady Mtn Gang, Rio Salado Vaqueros, and Old Publeo Gunfighters.

Shooters may sign up on any team first come first signed on or make up their own teams, for example, family teams would be fun.

Thirsty might want to sign up on The Champs, a team of Territorial, State, and Club Champions, and on a family team of Thirsty, Lawless Speed, Half Cock Willie, Calaboose Bill, Buckeroo Ben, and Coyote Kid (Grandpas, Kid and Grandkids.)  His entry fee for team competition would be $5 plus $10 for second entry for total of $15.

A young guns team of Lawless Speed, Col Hip Shot, Holli Day, Prickly Pear, Dirty Dan, Hot Flash and High Strung would be a tough team.

AWARDS:   Magnet Awards for team members memorializing their victory are available from at reasonable costs.

Sample Sign-up Form

Team Name:________________________________

Team Members:                                  Place       Top four
1 _________________________       _____     _______
2 _________________________       _____     _______
3 _________________________       _____     _______
4 _________________________       _____     _______
5 _________________________       _____     _______
6 _________________________       _____     _______
7 _________________________       _____     _______
                                        Team Total Score         _______


1.     Team scoring is only the top 4 shooters are scored.  If all team members are scored, then a shooter or two who are having a bad day might drag down an otherwise good team.  Also, since the bottom shooters of the match have the highest placings numbers scoring 100% of the team members unfairly considers the bottom team members over the top team members.  On the other hand, only scoring the top one or two shooters really makes it into an individual event.  There needs to be a balance.  Best balance would be shooting seven and scoring 5, like cross country.  However, I suggest shooting 7 and scoring 4 to be more accommodating to clubs to enter teams.  For example, if Rio Salado brings seven shooters they could enter seven on one team.  If they bring 8 shooters, then it makes sense for them to enter two 4 shooter teams.  Other shooters could  join their teams and since it is always better to have 7 shooters than just 4 because you never know who is going to be shoot well on any given day, it is to their advantage to have other shooters sign onto their teams until full.

2.    Many shooters have multiple connections to other shooters.  For example, I practice on Shady Mountain and would like to join a team with those shooters.  I also have family members shooting so it would make sense for me to enter a family team.  This format allows multiple entries.  However, the fee goes up to discourage someone from joining every team.  All teams are open to everyone as long as there is a slot open.  Once seven shooters have joined, then no more entries on that team are allowed.

3.    Added workload:  There really is very little extra work needed to have this event if you are have a last man standing shoot since it utilizes the CFDA scoring system.  You need someone to collect the money and supervise the sign-up sheets.  You need someone to add up the score sheets near and at the end of the event.  Since 90% of the shooters will be placed by the last several rounds of the event, most team scores will be known by the last round.  The ideal match would be to have four teams within a point or two of each other at the end with team members still shooting.  That would be exciting.  The more likely situation is to have the team competition determined before the last several rounds since the best team top to bottom should win.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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