Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Dilemma, Rule 17, A Positive View

"Life has a way of making the foreseeable never happen, and the unforeseeable that which your life becomes"  Everett Hitch.

This fall I was going to become a new man.  I had gotten a couple of long guns, was going change my draw, in part to stand more upright for my aching back, and change my alias to shed some ill gotten reputation.  I figured three thousand rounds of wax would do the trick.  About five hundred rounds into the new venture, I decided to abandon the effort, being dishearten with my lack of speed and mostly accuracy.  So I abandoned the change and rededicated myself to the short gun.  Two days later the Gazette arrives with Rule #17.

The Dilemma, now what to do?

Option #1:  I could go to the long gun.  Add 3 inches and I will be clearly out front of the holster pouch cut.  I have a Colt which I can get out of the Shaniko holster in the high 4s and be "clearly obvious" with about 40% accuracy.  I struggle to get the shot up and find myself again leaning back which is painful for me.  My backup gun is a New Vaquero which I have yet to get out of the holster.  That wax just rattles down the holster with the New Vaquero.

Option #2: The Colt long gun came with a 5 inch barrel.  I can put the five inch barrel on and I would in fact be compliant with Rule #17.  Although I am sure the additional inch would put me out in front, I am not sure it would be "clearly obvious." I would also need another backup gun with a 5 inch barrel.

Option #3:  I can change my draw.  I use the locked elbow draw as most quick shooters do.  I have controlled my elevation by my balance and my stance has a pronounced backward lean.  See the following:
Note that the gun is fired about 1 inch behind the front cut, a guess but probably correct.  Adding one inch or three inches to the barrel would probably solve the issue except one inch would not be "clearly obvious." (This was a winning shot of .415)

I am a old fella and shooting this way is painful.  I think I can comply with the Rule #17 simply by standing more upright.  If I stand more upright my shoulder will move forward more than a foot and I believe the front of the barrel with move forward to be "clearly obvious" outside the front holster pouch.  I think I will give this a try.  For bucket work, I need to recalculate my target height.  My new shooting height is 45 inches which makes my target height 46 inches at 5 feet.  My problem will be getting the shot up, but I think that it is doable, just need lots of wax.

Rule #17 may be a blessing in the end for me because it may cause me to shoot in a more comfortable stance and add years to my shooting life.


  1. I doubt that changing your alias will do anything for your reputation. Jus' sayin'. HeHeHe.

    There have been lots of commentary about Rule 17, and I'm waiting to see how it shakes out. I'm still a 7s shooter with the occasional foray down to the 6s, so speed isn't my concern. Accuracy is.

    Until two weeks ago, I was considering changing my draw to try to get more speed, but after this kerfluffle, I don't think I'll be doing much except trying to avoid extraneous movement and get my speed solidly in the 6s. If I can get iin the 6s at 80%, I'll be in pretty good stead come the spring tournament season.

    Hope to see ya on the line.

    Major D.

    1. 6s at 80% will place you high. Most matches will be over before the quick find the target.

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  2. Clearly Obvisous. NOT!At Shady Mountain I recorded four of the fasted shooters that shoot in the 3's and 4' with Coaches Eye. With this if you stand next to shooter you can see the shot. Behind the shooter with the naked eye you can not see Clearly the shot behind or in front especially at this speed. Obvious should be taken out of the factor. Over all, Nation wide I think their is only a few in Hand Judge status will Clearly Obvious challenge.

    1. The cowboy way is to give the benefit of doubt to the shooter but that is not how it written.