Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Ice in the Veins!

That ice in the veins shoot for blood shooter has prohibited me from mentioning her by name, but that did not prevent her from being critical of me for not mentioning that she she was shooting .37s at a 80% clip, so here goes, last Sunday that ice in the veins shoot for blood shooter was shooting consistently in the .37s at a accuracy rate of 80%.  I mentioned to her that I thought she was getting to be a 4 flat shooter which I don't think she took as a compliment although it is the highest compliment I give to any shooter.

A 4 flat shooter is a shooter that shoots consistently between .35 and .45 with routine accuracy of 60% or better.  Good examples of 4 flat shooters are Buzzard Cooper, Short Keg, Powder Keg and The Draw.  These shooters are normally in the Magnificent shoot off in any event they are in because they do not lose except to other 4 flat shooters.  They have the rare combination of quickness, accuracy and mental toughness that make them almost unbeatable.  There are lots of mid 3 and low 3 shooters out there but generally they are of no concern because they are shooting between 20-40%.  They are just another easy draw.

I think we are making progress in getting that ice in the veins shoot for blood shooter converted to a gunfighter.  Today on Shady Mountain she was determined and on the last shot of practice she put a .338 on the plate.  She may become a 4 flat shooter.  There are no 4 flat shooters among the ladies.  Slow Poke is a pretty good 5 flat shooter.  The field is wide open among the ladies.  If  you shoot between .35 and .45 at a 60% or better clip, why would you ever slow down.  

I have to mention it was a fun and great time on Shady Mtn today.  Hi Strung hit a ,281 which he considered an anticipation although mathematical he drew at least 50 mls after the light came on,  May be it was not anticipation but really was what he is capable of.  Trouble Maker finished the day hitting 9 out of 10, and Shady got 4 of my marbles. 

Happy Thankgiving to all,  I am fleeing to the mountains to chase elk just in case this blog offends anyone,

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  1. So proud of Holly for the shooter Holly is and is becoming. She is a scary draw for sure. I can't beat her times but she does bring my best times and accuracy.

    I am honored you named me in this blog as a solid 5. You have more faith in me than I do sometimes.