Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Flop

In the 40s and 50s the dominant high jump technique was the scissor jump. That was replaced in the early 60s by the American Roll.  The main difference between those techniques was while with the scissor jump the center of gravity of the jumper passes several feet above the bar, with the American Roll the center of gravity passes just inches above the bar.

In 1968 Dick Fosberry won the gold medal at the Olympics using a new technique, the flop, later to be called the Fosberry Flop.  What made this technique so successful, still in use today, is that the center of gravity of the jumper passes underneath the bar by several inches.  It enables a jumper to clear 8 feet while his center of gravity never rises nearly that high.  (When the 8 feet barrier was broken, I had to help a 8th grade high jumper prove in a science fair project that the center of gravity passes below the bar.)

My question is: Is there a Fosberry flop just waiting to be discovered in Cowboy Fast Draw?  In light of Rule 17, maybe there is a better and quicker way to skin that smoke wagon.  Just thinking.


  1. We're noticing the same thing. The fast shooters are getting faster. I'm not sure yet i that will contrubute to faster average times, or if they're imply chasing the record, but I've seen several times lately during practice that are faster than the current World's Record. I contend that the record will be broken this shooting season, and it could be one of several sooters who break that mark.

    We'll see. This season my be interesting to watch.

  2. I have always said that maintaining a "World Record" hurts the sport. Many a gunslinger have been held back by grailfever. That ice in the veins shoot for blood shooter had a world record time at the Survivor Pot Shoot Saturday. She finished third in the event. A world record time gets you one winning shot, may have no effect on the match or event.

    If I do well in March, I will continue with the thumb roll draw this year. If not, I maybe looking for a flop, have some ideas.

  3. I don't understand some of the comments made above.
    The shooter you are referring to, took third. But, not because she was gunning for the record all day. She posted several shots above a half second.
    I also have not seen one time posted in the 0.2's. And, I question if that is even possible in front of the holster. Though, I hope someone proves me wrong.
    I too have noted that there are a lot of 0.3 shooters. I believe they are getting faster, because their competition is getting faster.
    I think it comes down to fine tuning your draw and practice. And, the more you practice, the faster your reaction time becomes.
    Is there a flop? Maybe. But don't underestimate the power of elbow grease

    1. I have nothing but good to say about shooter referred above and suppose I should not have use her as an illustration. Quick only matters if you hit the target. If you practice enough to be quick you practice enough to be accurate. As in the men's final every match should go to 2-2 and then be decided by a millisecond or two. Come to Shady Mtn or the Camp and we will show how it should be.