Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Sport for All Ages

Cowboy Fast Draw is truly a sport for all ages.  Not only is it timeless as a sport, participation can be lifelong generally not affect by the defects of age.  It is a sport in which all ages can participate against each other.  In what other sport can an eight year old go up against a world champion and not only be competitive but win A eight year old point and shoot shooter hitting 90% will defeat a world champion hitting 40% every time, it is a mathematical certainty.  An accuracy rate of 60% tips the scale in favor of the quick.  But as we have all observed on any given day the fastest may not prevail because of accuracy or chance.

It is truly exciting to win a match against a faster opponent, just as it is frustrating to lose a match against a slower opponent. Some might say we should rewrite the rules to insure only the fastest win, but that is not the way life is and that is not the way life was in the old west.  The fight did not always go to the fastest, and it did not always go the most accurate, but most times the quick and the deadly won, with a little chance mixed in just to keep it interesting. And that is the way cowboy fast draw is and should be!

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