Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Practice Techniques

My Dad taught me a long time ago that anything worth doing is worth doing well. If you want to be a champion do what the champions do. I am a big supporter of practice and I practice a lot. The point of practice is not just to do it but to do it with a purpose and practice with goals. Practice makes perfect right? WRONG!!! Perfect practice makes perfect. When you practice fast draw know what it is you want to practice. The next and every shoot you go to watch the top shooters to see what they do to be so fast, accurate, confident, cool under pressure, strategy or what ever trait you want to improve in your own game.
Accelerate your learning curve by eliminating trial and error. Other shooters are on the line right now that do what you want to do and are where you aspire to be. Fast draw is a learned skill, if any other person on the planet has done it you know you can learn to do it as well. Don’t reinvent the wheel, practice doing what they do. Quick Cal or even Bob Munden didn’t just wake up one day and found themselves to be great, they have a lot of range time practicing.
Don’t try to do too much at once work on one thing at a time and get good at it then add the next thing. It will all come together in the end. We all know that the fastest draw with the fastest realized times come from a short draw. The least distance the gun travels from your holster to firing position is the fastest shot but our natural tentendency is to thrust the gun forward aiming to help the gun do its job. I promise you the bullet travels faster than the fastest punch so the sooner you send that bullet off out of the gun will be yor fastest times.  First things first. Get comfortable drawing that gun fast keeping the draw very short. If your like me you want success and results right now. So let’s set ourselves up for success and build confidence right away. Practice technique 1: set up in your stance 3-5 feet from the target. Don’t worry about anything else other than developing speed in your draw.  This is a reaction drill, your just reacting to the light and firing wax at the target. Your goal should be to prove to yourself that you can draw fast and hit the target. This will build muscle memory and you should be able to duplicate that same draw at Master Gunfighter range to be on target. This stage took me 60 days shooting 50 rounds every day. I said earlier that you can accelerate your learning curve but there are no shortcutts. Wax down rang will get you better.
Practice all out and don’t give up. Too many people get stuck not improving because they don’t give it a chance to prove to yourself that you can do it. I am probably a lot like you in that I wasn’t born with a naturally fast draw, I had to develop it, learn it, practice it, improve it. It took me 2 months don’t give up and go back to your comfort zone ever. Always strive to push yourself to improvement. Yes you will be missing a lot in the beginning and yes you will be frustrated but push through it and don’t give up ever. You will hit the target by accident sometimes pushing for it and you will surprise yourself with the times your getting. Keep practicing all out and don’t quit then your accuracy will follow.
Practice technique #2: close up practice will show you your natural draw. You don’t want to be thinking a lot about aiming. Find your natural draw with the close up practice and adjust your feet or body position on the line. Someone may have told you to square your feet, square your shoulders to the target, position your stance where the gun is in line with the center of the target. All crap in my opinion. You have to do what is natural to you. My shooting style may not work for you, you have to develop that for yourself. A lot of factors are to be considered that may be unique to you. How high or low you wear your holster, cant of your holster, where you position it on your hip, old model Vaquero, New Vaquero, Colt, Pietta, etc. I have noticed that most shooters natural tendency is to shoot across your body slightly. If your struggling to hit the target and shooting left a lot, move your feet to the right on the line. It is easier to move your feet than change your natural draw.
Practice technique #3: accuracy? Lots of wax down range. No shortcutts. Just do it.
Shoot like you practice. Practice for improvement. Practice with goals. Press on don’t give up. Work with your natural draw. (don’t confuse that with natural tendancies. You will have to work against  yourself to develop a short draw) Let the gun do the work, don’t try to help it.
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  1. A good reaction drill is to place the muzzle right against the target with the hammer cocked and an empty gun. When the light comes on pull the trigger. This will measure your reaction time. Practice to get faster reaction times. You night start out about .200 and above. With a little practice you can get it about .180. Good reaction times are .160-.170. My goal is to get reaction times consistent @ .150. Reaction times of .170 with a short efficient draw you can shoot from 21 feet in the mid to upper .300's. Faster reaction times make for faster match times.
    Press on.

  2. Does the fall of hammer trip the timer? Barrell actually touch target?

    1. Yes the hammer trips the timer. Put the muzzle on the target touching the target.

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  5. How long to get it to competition speed ??

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