Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Target Progession II

For those who do not want to use a chair, you can make a nice frame out of pvc 1 inch pipe for about $25.00.  What is needed is 3 10 ft 1 inch pvc pipes, 10 tees, and two 1/4 inch threaded rods with wing nuts.  It takes maybe an hour to cut the pieces with a hand saw.  I did not use any glue, may or may not be needed.

The bottom legs are 30 inches and the top target holding legs are 23 inches.  The spacers are 21 inches but could be longer if you want it wider, that is just what fit my ballistic backstop from my chair.  The spacers between front and back is just the distance that the tees on the bottom required.  There are two threaded rods with wing nuts between the front and back.  You need four 2 inch spacers for the bottom tees.  Bottom back legs are about 16 inches
Show with ballistic backstop and with the bucket to catch spent wax.  Note the cords on top to hold the cardboard.  I may or may not drill holds to fasten the cords at different heights.  Still a work in progress.
I have not used it yet but it should work well.  If the joints loosen up with use, I may have to glue them.  For those of you that spray wax more, maybe a little wider would be better, but for me this width works just fine.  I intend to get a light canvas that wax will penetrate for the front instead of cardboard and then stick 6 inch targets on it.

Anyway, no glue yet so it can be taken apart if it becomes an auction or gift item.

Someone sent me this:

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  1. Field tested with cardboard, works great. When I put tarp material on front it shredded too quickly and target would not stick to it so It is best to use cardboard. With cardboard, really helps accuracy as the groups will tighten into the circle as you shoot. Collected 83 of 85 rounds about half in the bucket, rest nearby. I clean brass and reload same wax before I leave. Used wax better than new, the ballistic flattens the end just enough to hold it in cases.