Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Boss T 's report

IDAHO STATE Championship Matches
From the very moment that I got off my rental horse in Nampa, Idaho I knew that these cowboys really meant business.  Shooters were there in force from a half dozen states converting the parking lot of the Boise Gun Company into a cowboy town.  It took over 5 minutes to call roll.  The 7th Calvary did not have this many cowboys.  The cowboys shot on one range and the cowgirls shot on a second range.  There was a large cleaning area and plenty of practice area for dry firing. Ruger Firearms was there filming the event for a TV movie on cowboys of the modern west.

After a hardware and leather inspection shooting began right as the outhouses were delivered.  Offloading the outhouses from the high bed truck provided a great deal of entertainment with a loud applause after they finally hit the ground safely.

I got to meet the CFDA’s top hand, Quick Cal.  We took a selfie and he thanked me for coming to Idaho.   Cal invited me to his ranch in Nevada for lunch.  He seemed to know everyone and kept inviting cowpokes to lunch during the first week in October.  He must have a big bunk house near Fallon , NV.

It was my honor to shoot with fellow AZ Gunslinger, Old West.  He was in two categories and I was in the Cowboys from AARP category.  I made it to the Top 5 Match finals for my category and lasted one round.  Old West was in top form and earned the right to fight against the very best in the group.  I have not seen the results but I know he did well and stayed for the main match the next two days.    As a true cowboy, I meandered off for two days of fishing with my kin.

Boss T


  1. Boss T needs to learn that 5th in any category is pretty darn good. Good shooting and thanks for the report.

  2. Boss T is a very funny guy and a very good writer.

  3. I wrote that comment about Boss T but I left off my name. Old West