Friday, December 5, 2014

Added prize money introduced to Cowboy Fast Draw

It was an honor and a thrill for me to become the Southern Territorial Champion last year. Windmill Kid among others are interested in promoting fast draw and advocates larger prize pools for shooters. As reining champion I wanted to do my part in not only promoting this years Southern Territorial Championships but the whole sport of fast draw.

I was able to sit down with Windmill Kid at the Colorado State and Four Corners Territorial to pitch an idea to help boost the prize pool and possibly give shooters another chance to win some money that don't normally get the chance to place in the finals. He liked the idea so I came home and went to work to make it happen.

This is the first time anyone has done this. Feedback on Facebook in the group Gunslinger Forum has been positive and some commented that it would actually make them consider paying the entry fee and coming to Odessa to compete for added prize money.

I was able to secure a $400 sponsorship to fund a $100 bounty on the current champion for each X put on him. It is a 4 X contest so anyone that draws the champion in the main match can have a chance to win the $100 bounty bonus until the champion X's out or the champion reaches the final round even if they do not place in the finals. Any bounty money not claimed will be retained by the champion.

The West Texas Rangers put on an excellent shoot and almost all of your meals are included in your entry fee. For real down home hospitality and a fun shoot mark this one on your calendar to attend this year.

See ya on the range,

Rodeo Romeo


  1. I was not going to Odessa but now may have to change my plans to pick up some bounty. Mixed emotions, thirst for bounty and fear. Guess that is what kept boothill full.

    1. Well
      You know at any time you can do it.