Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dismal a'comin!

I make this post for those who may have some trepidation of having a 7 year old come to the line and for parents and grandparents to view.  Dismal has really progressed with the help of the Shady Mtn gang and especially Thirsty. What is impressive is his gun handling and knowledge of the rules.  He is probably safer than some of our other shooters.

Here is Dismal v. Arizona Ranger, Arizona State Champion.

 Here is a one shot video showing his gun handling skills, note Thirsty walks away from him comfortable with his competency, and note how he looks to be cleared after unloading

Here is a photo of Dismal (#19) with the last Youth Arizona Sate Champion, I believe Arizona Ranger's son.  This was taken at the first fast draw match I attended, Dismal was along.  Got us hooked!

Many thanks to Thirsty for working with these young folks.  Alleluia.

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