Monday, April 27, 2015

The Saga Continues or Can we go faster?

When we left this tale, CowboyAverage had just be infected with grailfever and had changed his alias to WRorBust.  Being a keen observer he notes that there are at least 30 shooters in his club in the State of Neverhappen that have a draw speed of about 200 mls and therefore are capable of setting a new world record.  He organizes a new club dedicated to setting records.  To be a member all you have to do is demonstrate by the triple 7 that you have a draw speed of about 200 milliseconds.  The club picks the name RecordBusters.  They organize daily practices at their practice facility.  They have a timer display over their targets that begins when the set command is given.  The club is divided up in 10ths with 1/10th of the club practicing to shoot at 2000 mils after the set command, 1/10th shooting 2100 mls after the set command, 1/10th shooting 2200 mls after set command, and so on.  WRorBust says we going get it or die trying, since that Knowitall or the Commish took it away from me.

The RecordBusters have weekly shoots that are no X, since only speed matters.  They toy with the idea of eliminating gunfighter against gunfighters since its no X.  Places in pot shoots are determined solely on fastest time.  They scour the internet for "nutritional" advice for what will increase reaction times.

Meanwhile, the Commish gathers his trusty advisors, those that he has determined to be capable of setting a world record, and considers what further can be done to protect the integrity of the world record.  We can't have some 4 shooter getting lucky like happened in the State of Neverhappen or let the RecordBusters do it on a weekly basis as they are now doing because of special trick practice techniques.

One of the advisors suggests disqualification for anticipation which is met with a outcry of "you can't do that."  Why not, they do it in High School Track.  Opponents reply but not in Professional Track.  We need to think like the Big Boys do.  Instant Replay!!!!  We probably also need to start random drug testing, some of those RecordBusters look might twitchee.

The Commish decides to start video replay by requiring every titled event to have the capability of videoing every draw and the start of the timer on every draw.  A decision is made to disqualify every draw that commences sooner than 125 mls after the clock starts.  Host club to provide a video replay judge.  Random drug testing will be started for all shooter shooting a round faster that .5.

Meanwhile, one old timer asks the other, back when that "kid" set the record, did he win the event.  His pardner responds "I wonder if he even won the match."

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