Friday, May 22, 2015

Holster Location

The Irishman on facebook posted a photo of an alleged illegal holster position.  I don't understand the problem with the rule because if the trigger guard must be over the seam of the jeans, then the location of the end of the holster or muzzle of the gun is determined by the cant of the hollster which must be less than 20 degrees.  I guess there is about an inch of fudge factor there by the size of the trigger guard, but the muzzle is where ever it is by the cant.  That inch is important so that the gun is properly lined up for the shooter's draw. Any way this post is not about that.  It is about holster location and movement

We have several new shooters that have been working hard to learn their holster location.  One is a former olympic athlete and former college field event coach who was adjusting his holster to the limit of the rules.  The opinion of those watching was that "he couldn't do that."  The other novice has been chasing the clock and she would adjust her holster and belt 10-15 times before each shot. It would tire me out just watching her.   She has been looking for that magical location that would produce the fastest time.

When you watch the pro s they do not move their holsters during a match.  They may check the alignment before the start but they do not constantly adjust their holster location.  If you change the location during a match you are essentially changing your draw.  If you are changing your draw each and every shot, then you are going to be inaccurate and slow.

During practice you might want to try different locations, but if you do you should do it in a manner that you can remember what you did and the results.  To be constantly changing it without any way to remember the change and results is just practicing missing.

Once in competition, you dance with the girl you brought.  The draw you brought to the competition is the draw you should shoot, start to finish.  You can beat anyone in the field.  Just believe in that pretty little gal who came with you.

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