Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Opening Statement

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury. You are here today to determine what the facts are.  Most of observable facts are not in dispute. It is not disputed that Mr. Blackman was a neighborhood youth of only 13 years, although 6 foot 3 inches with a menacing appearance.  It will also not be disputed that he approached the defendant, Miss Rightous, wearing a hoodie and baggie jeans below his hips. It will not be in disputed that he asks Miss Rightous what she was doing in his neighborhood in the only language that he knew, saying "Whitey, whatsup?

It will not be disputed that the defendant responded by pulling a 357 small revolver from her training bra and pulling 5 slugs into Mr. Blackman's heart from a distance of 3 feet..

The only issue in this case is what was the defendant's intent?  Undoubtedly she will claim that she was in fear of her life.  That is what you will have to decide.

The prosecution will show that Miss Rightous is a card carry member of the NRA. We will show that she practices regularly at the Shootem Gun Range, at least twice  a week.  We will show that she is proficient with her handgun being able to put 5 shots in a human target in less than 60 seconds at 15 feet.  The prosecution will also show what is maybe the most telling evidence, her facebook comments, that she carries her weapon concealed for the element of surprise and that if she ever has to stand her ground she has been taught to be sure her opponent does not get up.

Ladies and gentlemen, you will have to decide, is Miss Rightous a innocent fearful victim or a well- trained killer just waiting for the opportunity to use her skill.

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