Monday, June 29, 2015

The Waggle

Professional golfers have a pre-shot routine that they go through each and every time prior to a shot.  Many use a pre-shot "waggle," immediately before the shot.  It is a insignificant motion of the club head right before they beginning their shot.  It is a signal to their bodies and especially their minds that they are ready to go.  All preparation has been completed.

When I started to shoot I had the privilege of hand judging Wild Onion Willie He has a waggle which at the time I thought may be a violation of the rules but I did not say anything because of his stature in the sport. Of course, it was not a violation I just did not understand the rules. I just watched a video of Yusta B Fast in which there appears to be a waggle but it was not there on every draw.  To be a waggle it must be done intentionally, each and every time, and be a signal to the mind and body that the shooter is ready to go.

I have a pre-match waggle which is to draw and dry fire my gun twice.  After that I am set and do not think about my draw or anything related to it again.  If I lose a bye round I always unload and show clear so that I can go through my waggle again on the load and make ready command.

I am currently working on a pre-shot waggle but have not perfected it yet.  I did use one at Nationals and shot my fastest competitive time.

We can learn from other sports.  I wish I had been a sprinter in track and field because I am sure that there are some techniques used there to get off on the light.  I heard of trying to anticipate the light but when I do that I am generally 50 mls slower because I am thinking, and whenever you think you are slow.

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  1. Heh! Never thought about that, but I'm so new to this game that I'm thinking about lots of stuff.

    Major D.