Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Style or Draw Technique

A few weeks ago a regular and seasoned contributor to the forum opined that there really was only two types of draw for the fast shooter, the level and follow through and the upswing draw.  I took offense that the locked elbow draw had being omitted and opined that the current world champion used it.  The contributor corrected me that the World Champion uses the level and follow through but has omitted the follow through.  Marshall Cooper in his video explains his draw that way.

Problem with this is it is exceeding hard to learn.  I seen numerous shooter work years to learn the level and follow then work years trying to unlearn the follow through.  Many are successful in practice getting into the 4s but in competition the target draws them out and they shoot 5s and 6s.

On the other hand with the lock elbow draw, you never learn the follow through so you don't have to unlearn it.  The lock elbow draw may be the favored draw in the Valley of the Sun because the desert master teaches it.  

I was fortunate in that I had hand surgery and could not shoot for two months.  I used the time to copy a multiple champion who shoots the locked elbow draw and she was trained by the desert master. Since I now shoot a variation, the thumb roll draw, I will explain that and let some else explain the lock elbow draw.

The thumb roll draw is a variation of the locked elbow draw out of a high rise Shaniko holster.  The Shaniko is suited for it because of its high position on the hip and its wrapped trigger guard.  You start by crossing the thumb over the hammer (as Wyatt Earp recommended, yes that Wyatt).  This helps in eliminating slip cocks and provides the power for the draw, You draw by forcefully cocking the hammer thereby rolling the gun out of the holster.. When you clear the holster you should be in the locked elbow position and the trigger is pulled.  The gun is solidly against your body, there no forward motion, there is no upward motion.  You should be able to shoot better than 80% because of the stable position from which the gun is fired.  Misses result from misalignment of your stance, not from variation in the draw.

If you can do it, I recommend the thumb roll draw, if not then the locked elbow draw.

An humorous side note. About six months ago a pretty young thing came to a shoot and needed help learning the sport.  The old geezers could not get in line quick enough to help her.  There was that purveyor of videos trying to teach her the level and follow thru,  the prayerful one was selling the locked elbow draw, and there were other cowboys mentoring when they have never mentored before.  I was worried she was going hurt herself she was getting so much conflicting advice.  Fortunately, the desert master took her under his wing as he does with all novices,  She now has a .373 competitive PR and routinely breaks into the threes.  If you want to see good form on the locked elbow draw, look at her facebook page.  There is a straight line from her locked elbow to the muzzle horizontal to the ground, gun solidly a her side as the trigger is pulled.

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