Sunday, February 7, 2016

Ole to the Bucket

After months of struggle I finally did better in competition going clean for six rounds at the Camp, no small feat since there were a lots of World, Territorial and State Champions there.  No easy draw in the bunch.  I attribute my good showing to the fact that two days prior I  went to the river and did bucket work.

Bucket work consists of shooting at 6 feet onto cardboard.  You are working only on finalizing your draw.  Only elevation and a consistent draw matters. You can see each hit and your body will automatically adjust to bring the shot to the desired elevation.  You are just trying to get the draw to be automatic, no thought, no change, just like breathing.  You are not worried about speed, but your speed will get faster as your draw becomes more finalized.

I enjoy shooting so much with my partners that I have neglected my bucket work.  Practicing missing is not helpful, may be fun, but is not helpful.

When you come to a competition, you shoot the draw you brought.  No changing or no tinkering and definitely no thinking.  That is just the route to boot hill.  When you get to the line the only things that you are concerned about are your alignment and your balance.  You adjust those before the set command. When the set command is given you are ready,  the draw on the light is nothing more than another breath.

"Remember boys, quick only matters if you can hit that which you are trying to be quick about." Virgil Cole.


  1. It's called muscle memory. Thousands of repetitions and it becomes so ingrained that thought isn't necessary. It's like blinking your eye, or taking your next breath.

    1. I know finalizing your draw is the right thing to do but after 13 months of shooting I have yet to finalize my draw. If I ever get around to finalizing it, I'll be like lightning

  2. Keep at it. Just when you are finally there, you will get grailfever and have to start over again. Keeps ya busy.

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