Friday, February 12, 2016

Quotes, MisQoutes and Banter

"Gosh, Monte, why do you always have to needle Shorty?" "Needling folks is what I do!"
 Monte Walsh

Monte Walsh and Shorty were good friends even though they ended up on the opposite sides of a gun fight.  Monte Walsh is a great movie because it shows a lot about human nature and the frailty of man.  There are no bad people in the movie, only good people gone astray.

I enjoy lively banter. I enjoy needling folks, especially folks that don't have a sense of humor.  My needling is always intended to be good natured.  However, I have concluded that my banter and needling has caused harm and ill-will.  I get myself into more trouble than I should.  My opinionated sob nature shows through unfortunately.  I don't mean to be that way, I just am.

Trying to do better.  I have deactivated my face-book account. Maybe that will help.

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  1. Once you understand that on Facebook, you're not the client, you're the product, it all starts to make sense.