Monday, May 16, 2016

What a blast!

Having just finished my second Magnificent Seven of the year all I can say is "what a blast."  Great competitors, great outcome, more fun than one person should be allowed to have!  Looking forward to meeting Quickstrike, Delta Whiskey, Whiplash on the line again.who knows maybe with a black badge in the balance, them boys need to practice missing more, not fast enough yet.

Had a chance to lobby some for my pet project, a championship with a true resurrection, to the uniform outcry of "you can't do that."  By the way, by CFDA rule, 7th place was resurrected in the men's match.  I think it is the "word" so I decided to quit using it.


What would be wrong with a three day championship where:

- Every shooter would get 6 x s in main match;
- Every shooter would be alive through day two;
- Half of the field would get to shoot in a Magnificent shoot-off:
- Half of the field would be alive until their last shot on day three;
- Preliminary sorting after day one, half of the field would be shooting for their lives in a 2 x  match; half the field would continue in main match and be shooting in  2 x category championships;
- There would be 18 champions on Championship Sunday:
- Eighteen Championship Buckles; balance in gold coin, no frills or goodie bags;
- All matches on Sunday would be set by Saturday night;
- No computer needed on third day;
- If less 120 shooters, shot on two 6 lane ranges;
- All matches on Sunday set at a specific time, you would know the schedule and opponents Saturday night;
- All  included in one entry fee;

What do you think? And if you say "you can't do that" think about it some more.

Last man standing favors me, would have won in that format, those speedy guys would have knock each out, but a Magnificent shoot-off is a blast.

Oklahoma was a great event, great venue, great folks. Looking forward to the Southern Territorial there next year. Next year, loverboy will come so you better be practicing missing to get faster. Bring me the next shooter cause I ain't missing!

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  1. Go ahead, Jim. Set up a match like that. I'm sure that a bunch of us will show up to play.

    I wasn't there but I understand that the Ladies Magnificent was something to watch. My reporter told me that there were only 20 misses during the entire Ladies Magnificent. They're not practicing missing.