Thursday, May 19, 2016

Being a Better Gunfighter!

Dirty Dan mentioned on facebook that I slip cocked during the Southern Territorial Magnificent 7 and others have mentioned a 1.47 shot.  I have no memory of it but do not deny it cause I am a stickwithit type of guy. I was raised on a farm by a bunch of uncles, cousins and brothers, and when things went wrong you were expected to "stickwithit," you were not allowed to just give up. Not to take a recovery shot is considered by me to be a character defect.  It either shows a lack of "stickwithitness" or a prideful sense of false sportsmanship.  Recently I won an event where my opponent intentionally missed a recovery shot, and I took it as a sign of disrespect to me. To this day,  I always shoot better against him.

You know in SASS you are applauded for your recoveries.  When you start out, you are always told about the lady world champion whose gun broke during a stage and she whips out her Redwing knife, fixes the gun, finishes the stage clean, and goes on to win the event.  Guess there are more real cowboys in SASS than in our sport.

Last year at the Nebraska State Championship there was a shooter who had decided to shoot a slow deliberate aiming style of draw. He would draw after his opponent shot. I drew him in my last match. I was not mentally tough and got flustered. I was happy for him to win even though the loss probably cost me a top ten finish in the top gun standings.  He needed the win more than I. Hope he is still shooting.  I needed that loss.  I am a better gunfighter for it. Because of rule changes, I am 20 mls slower this year than last but I think I am mentally tougher.

Every shooter is entitled to choose his own style of draw and shooting philosophy on the line.  We need to welcome, enjoy and applaud all shooters.  I know that many laugh at my style but I don't care.  I have been trying to join the Red Hat Society but they won't let me in saying I have too many parts. If I can just get Obama aware this injustice I think he would issue an executive order making them take me. Well, tea is overrated anyway.


  1. The Red Hat in Louisiana is not a good thing, One of the barracks at our state pen had the incorrigible inmates wear red hats. Murderers, rapists, and other no-goods, they were also a threat to the security of the installation.

    I wouldn't be a member of anything called the Red Hat Society.

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  3. Oh, pawpaw, they are the nicest ladies you we will ever meet. Red hats, purple dresses meeting for tea. It signifies that they got enough miles on to understand it does not matter what other people think.

  4. But, yeah, just for the record, I recall that recovery shot. I took one myself last weekend, shooting against The Shootist, a fine fellow out of the club in Richmond, TX. It happens. Don't worry about it.