Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Texas Gunny and the League of Extraordinary Gunfighters and Dangerous Women!

Last fall a fella from out of state came to one of our club shoots. We strapped a club holster on him, loaned him a New Vaquero and put him in the match.  It was his first attempt at cowboy fast draw. He was a former Marine from Texas and took the alias I believe of Texas Gunny.  In his third match of the day he drew World Champion, Miss Kitty.  Being a new point and shoot shooter with some Marine pride, he won the match on accuracy.  He was thrilled.  Ain't this sport great!

So far this year I have been able to make it to five titled events.  In all five of the events I would opine that there has been a majority of average shooters in the top seven shooters of each event. These shooters are not the quickest but they are mentally tough and accurate shooters. On any given day any of us can win and some of us do win even if we may not be the quickest.   Ain't this sport great!

This trend continued this past weekend.  Wild Onion Willie shot his way into the magnificent seven at Nevada.  He out shot three quicker shooters one of which was his black badge brother to get into the Magnificent Seven.  Rooster Cogburn crows with justifiable pride that he made the Magnificent Seven.  Enrico del Barrio joyfully expressed wonderment at his success finishing sixth.  Ain't this sport great!

They are some in our sport that want to make this sport into a speed contest.  It is not!  It is a gunfight.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  If you want to spread grailfever, that is fine by me, I will move you onto my "quick but wilts in a gunfight" list.  Ain't this sport great!

"Quick don't matter much, if you can't hit that which you are trying to be quick about."  Virgil Cole.

"Your quickest draw is your most accurate draw.  If it is not, change your draw!" Alleluia Ruah.

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