Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Average shooters, Motivation and 6x!

Going to titled matches around the country I see about the same 150-200 shooters at these matches out of our 5,000 or so members.  It seems that the titled events are not that well attended by the average shooters, even when the shoot is local.  What can we do to make these events more appealing to the average local shooters?  Is there a problem?

At the Four Corners held this year in Phoenix there were a group of snow birds that always shoot with us all winter long that came and shot in the warm-up jackpot shoot and then again in the second chance shoot on Sunday but not in the main event.  I don't know if it was the cost or the level of competition that kept them away from the main match.  I just don't know, but suggest that it would benefit us to try to make these events more appealing to them.

My pet project is a 6x three day shoot. Every shooter would get 6 x s, 4 in the main match and 2 in either a resurrection or category shoot.  No one is eliminated until they get 6 x s.  I have suggested that if someone can't come on Friday they could still come and shoot in the Resurrections shoot at a reduced entry fee, maybe 33% of the full fee. The shoot then becomes a 2 x shoot for them and they could still win it all.  This would do two things for maybe some of the shooters, reduce the cost and allow them to compete with the bottom half of the field.   What do you think?  If you tell me that it will not work or violates the rules, I don't tolerate that very well because I got an answer for most of the "can't" reasons. 

We use the Arizona Bracket shoot a lot and our members love it.  I recommend it to other clubs.  I see that some clubs are having a no x shoot followed by a Magnificent 5 2x shoot off as a Halloween shoot.  Try the Arizona Bracket shoot.  You can shoot three Magnificent 1X shoot offs in the same time that it takes to shoot a Magnificent 5 2x and every shooter qualifies for the shoot off.  I think this is why we get 30-35 summer time shooters and 60-70 winter time shooters at our monthly shoots.  Everyone qualifies and has a chance to shoot their way to the top.  It is about having fun and winning your bracket can really be fun, especially for those that normally don't get to a magnificent shoot-off.  All Arizona gunslingers experience a magnificent shoot off even it is just 1x.

We did try the Magnificent 2x shoot-off for all shooters. It works but is too time consuming for the number of shooters we have.  It takes about 8 minutes per number of shooters in a bracket, so if you have 30 shooters, it takes about 80 minutes to shoot three brackets of ten.  But for smaller clubs, it would be great.  If you had say 18 shooters, it would take 48 minutes to shoot three Magnificent 6 2x shoot offs at the same time.  I think you will find that your shooters would love this because it allows the average shooter the opportunity to experience the Magnificent shoot off.

If any one wants more information or forms for any of these, just say so I am happy to help.

I am also a big fan of the Arizona Five.  A lot of our shooters don't like it, but they are the ones that need it.  It is really nothing more than a mental toughness drill for the whole club.  It is also somewhat bias towards the accurate shooter and hence maybe bias towards the average point and aim shooter.  It is really good for the speed, even though they don't like it,  got to hit and hit now, not later.  Our National Champion won on mental toughness!

We are blessed by large numbers and therefore have the the ability to try new things in a major shoot environment monthly.  If you want to discuss any of our trials just call, e-mail or talk to us. Just remember some of us are can people and some of us are can't people.  I say that because we tried something new and I got nothing but positive feedback and I overhear my fellow board member telling folks that nobody like it.  Mostly I am a pain in the rear, but they tolerate my hair brained ideas.


  1. Good thoughts, Jim. I'm not sure about the 6X idea, but I haven't thought about it much. You're right that our organization does best when it focuses o the average shooter. The clubs are the backbone of the sport. I gave some more thoughts at my blog.

  2. There is no "problem". Most shooters do not care about competitions. Remember that competition is third. Most shooters are in it for the fun. However, seems the 200 (a very small percenrage) of shooters are the "voice" of CFDA because they care more about competitions and are on social media. In my opinion, the "problem" is shooters who are consumed by how others shoot (see recovery shots, slower times and unsportsmanlike like conduct). These people need to put a cork in it and concentrate on their own shots.

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