Saturday, September 3, 2016

Who we are!

We had our August monthly practice shoot at Pioneer with 33 gunslingers in attendance.  It was a pretty tough bunch with 4 of the top 8 shooters from Nationals, and a World Champion, two World Category Champions, numerous other three shooters, a couple of old timers draw cock aim shooters, three youth shooters, a 7 year old who slip cocks and recovers 50% of the time, a 9 year old who slip cocks and recovers 30% of the time, a 10 year who is just quick and deadly and an assortment of other shooter all of whom are tough gunslingers.

We shot our Arizona Bracket shoot in near perfect weather. Most of the speed finished in 3rd to 10th place in bracket A, some in bracket B and a few in bracket C.  A new shooter, a draw, cock, aim old timer shooter, was clean until the final match of the day, the final match of bracket A.

I sincerely believe that the Arizona shooters do so well in titled matches not because we shoot against quick shooters but because we shoot against tough gunfighters, whether that is a draw, cock, aim shooter or 7 year old slipping cocking and recovering to win matches.  Generally we don't devalue misses.

We welcome all comers.  Come shoot with us, whether you "slow shoot", slip cock and recover, flail and hit 30%, or are quick and accurate.  We don't care.  We need the practice.  You can even come and whine and we will be nice to you, though we might poke little a fun at you.

Isn't this a great sport.  Where else can a new shooter go through a field of champions and end up in second place.  Where else can a 7 year old compete with World Champion and win.  We like the sport as it is. It is a gunfight folks.

 "Quick don't matter much in a gunfight." Little Bill

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