Tuesday, August 29, 2017

It is tough to be a blogger

Levi says that I bait him into saying things he does not mean.  Says he won't write on my training blog for that reason. Unfortunate because that is a lost of a wealth of good training information.

Levi hears what he thinks I mean, not what I say and especially not what I mean to say.  When Levi posts I hear what I think he means, not what he says and especially not what he means to say.  I watched a movie yesterday wherein humans were trying to communicate with aliens.  The aliens used the word "weapon" to mean "language." They were saying "Use your weapon," meaning "Use your language," and it almost started another war of the worlds according to the movie plot.

It is tough to be a blogger!

My kids say that I am a cyperbully.  (That is almost as bad as getting two sportsmanship warnings at the 2016 Nationals.  Sure glad the Comish fixed that foolishness with one of his silly rules.)  My wife says that people just don't understand my weird sense of humor. I think that is probably pretty much my problem, folks have a hard time understanding when I am laughing at myself, normally I don't laugh at others, but it is hard not to laugh at yourself.

It is tough to be a blogger.

My normal practice now is to write a blog and then let it simmer for about a week.  During that time I edit by deleting anything that might offend anyone and deleting all of the wit from the post. I learned my lesson by once writing a post on ladies' costume problems, that post lasted less than 30 minutes before I was banished.  Anyway, now after about a week, if I have deleted enough, I ponder hitting the publish button to send my witless piece to the....., now there I go again, it hard for me not to call a quarter match a quarter match, though some say that is snideness and hurtful.

It is hard to be a blogger.

Do I let this simmer or hit the button now. Should I delete that quarter match comment or let it in. It has offended in the past, but it is really a good illustration of my weakness.  Not talking about others, just laughing at myself. What do you think? Leave it in or delete. The costume remark may open an old wound, what do you think, delete or no?  If I delete all that I should delete, what is the point of the post.

To all of my good friends and to all others, I say I don't mean to offend.  If I do, it is unintentional. Just write it off as the blathering of an old fool that can't help himself and who likes to hear his gums flap.

Posted without simmer!

It is hard to be a blogger!


  1. Methinks thou doth protest too much.

    I've been blogging since the dawn of the intertubes, and my opinion is worth just exactly what you pay for it.

    I get a kick out of it, and I don't care what anyone thinks. It's not like they are going to cancel their subscription.

  2. Post them as you see fit. They are fun to read. If someone is REALLY bothered by them, they could change their alias to Butt Hurt...

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  4. Let er rip...
    Remember this quote from awhile back?
    "Being the intellectual blog writer of Cowboy Fast Draw that you are creates a few questions and many answers"

    1. I remember that as many answers but few questions. Must have read what i thought you said.