Sunday, August 27, 2017

Team Event?

I heard a rumor that the Camp is going to field a team in the Range War at World. Some of the members were saying they have been practicing twice a week. Now that Loverboy has his draw back, they look to be a pretty tough bunch if they can manage the flusters.

Shady Mtn will probably field three teams this year.  So as not to show any favoritism and never knowing who is going to be on at any given event, I think we will call them the red, white and blue teams.  Shady Mtn Blue will be the "should have been" team from last year (1st place last year) if John can get his paperwork straight as to his true domicile.  The Shady Mtn Red team will be the Smith family plus one or two.  The core of Shady Mtn White team will be a couple of Alleluia shooters.  True to the nature of Alleluia shooters, they may not be the quickest but they may well be the toughest.

From the east valley, the Salty River Dogs, er Cowboys, (my Spanish not so good) can field a really competitive team with Mule Train, Southwest KC and the Draw as its core.  They probably will want to pilfer Wyoming Ranger for their long gun from Shady Mtn.

Looking around the country one can see lots of potential for competitive teams.  From  the springs, Mongo, Wench, Honey Badger, Possum are the core of a solid team. From Virginia, Slow Poke, Bob E Pain, and Big Ugly would make a pretty ugly painful team, (that is pretty and ugly and painful). Kentucky has speed to burn but those quarter matches may prevent them from being competitive in the real event and do they travel.

Texas, what can you say about Texas.  Assuming they can swim south Texas has solid bunch with the Shootist, Marshall's Daughter, Madame K and Sgt Buck.  That new gang hanging about the stockyards can field a quick team especially now that Brad is breathing through his eyelids (Bull Durham) and the Pixie is getting quicker.  West Texas with the windmill and KK has experience to burn not to mention speed.  The Bushwhackers with Whip, Parttime, the not Plain Jane, Gentleman and the Rose, is a ready made team but where is the long gun?

Out west there will be plenty of speed from California for a competitive team.  Again the question may be where is the long gun. Idaho and Nevada has a wealth of black badges to draw from.  But the beauty of the Range War, is that it is not the top three that matter but the 4th and 5th shooters that carry the day.

The Comish ought to watch the movie Mcfarland and then revisit the rules of the Range War. Mcfarland is a true story about the Mcfarland High School cross country team.  In cross country you run 7 but only score 5. The Mcfarland 7th runner was a pudgy runner who questioned why he was running when he never could score.  In the last event of the year, the state championship, he finally finishes 5th on the team, scores points and as it would happen is the deciding runner in winning the state championship.  Cross country is a true sport.  Cowboy Fast Draw is a true sport.

If anyone wants to handicap their state, have at it. A little swagger never hurt anyone and I have enough for all of the Valley of the Sun.  Used to wear my Nebraska Spurs like Boulder but kept tripping on them.  I will put my money on Shady Mtn Blue.


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  2. Looking forward to Worlds and shooting for the White Team.

    Alleluia shooters,
    Hot & Dirty