Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Train to Win: An Overview

I intend to write on the training blog, ShadyMtnTips.blogstop.com,  a series of posts on training to win. The training blog is intended for Alleluia shooters, those that adhere to the Alleluia Training and Competition System.  I appreciate comments from folks who say they read my posts. I think there may be more Alleluia shooters out there than one thinks since I have given the site to a few folks.  My purpose is to help the sport become what it should be, a sport where matches are determined by speed, not chance.  If you would like to acknowledge being an Alleluia shooter, please do so, it keeps me writing. It may also help you win, I think the Alleluia shooter may be somewhat feared.

I know there are a couple of Alleluia shooters, 8 and 10 years old, that have shot here in the Valley of the Sun and are affectionately known as ringers. I take them and fund their jackpot shoots because I know they can compete with the best there is in the Valley of the Sun.  They are Alleluia shooters and we don't practice missing!

Back to the overview, the posts will be on the training blog and will deal with the four main factors of cowboy fast draw: mental toughness, luck of the draw,  accuracy, and quickness, in the order of their importance. The fifth posts will deal with where a shooter can make the most gain and how to determine that.  I need to get some permissions for that post.

The first post on mental toughness will draw on the experience at the Colorado State and Four Corner Shoots.  I only know what I learn from experience.

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